For 30 years, EJG has been a general contractor in the commercial and industrial field. Whether you’re looking at interior or exterior development, new construction, renovation or expansion, our young and dynamic team joins professionals, sharing a common vision that allows us to carry out many different projects.

Whatever the scale of the project and mandate, EJG combines discipline and ingenuity to always ensure client satisfaction.

Turnkey projects

Over the years, EJG has developed an approach to turnkey-type projects that our clients have greatly appreciated. After determining the client’s needs, philosophy, and image, EJG can satisfy the client at all levels, completing the project while paying special attention to each of the following:

  • Needs analysis
  • Search for the ideal site
  • Guidance in seeking funding
  • Development of a product consistent with the client’s image and within their budget
  • Visualization of the product using 3D colour imaging
  • Establishment of construction timetables
  • Coordination with the city or municipality
  • Quality construction approved by professionals (architects and engineers)
  • Project follow-up
Project management

EJG is particularly successful in project execution on an open-book basis with the client. The management mandate can be assigned to us from the beginning of the conceptual design phase. With the respect that we have earned over the years, we have built an expert team that allows us to complete products swiftly while respecting budgets, deadlines, and quality.
Contract price projects

With more than 30 years of experience, EJG has developed a high-quality, highly competitive network of subcontractors, allowing us to take on construction projects at contract prices set according to plans and specifications furnished by owners or their professionals.
Specialized work

Besides its highly effective management team, EJG, unlike many general contractors, has a worksite team including a supervisor, carpenters, and specialized day labourers. This workforce is trained to work on a variety of construction projects, thereby reducing subcontracting costs and increasing construction speed (framework, interior systems, finishing, etc.) EJG also has a substantial plant of electrical, mechanical, and precision equipment (see equipment section), again allowing both time and money to be saved.