About us

J.G. Guimond Enterprises were created in July of 1972, not without difficulty. The primary shareholder, Jean-Guy Guimond, began working in the industrial and commercial construction field with only a small van, a few tools, and an office located in the basement of his home.

However, his knowledge regarding residential, commercial and industrial construction allowed him to successfully reach the market. Although his first contracts we not very lucrative, he would invest in the company so that in time, he could purchase mobile material, tools and equipment.

In 1977, seeing that the company was growing in scale he built an establishment in Laval. Located at 143 rue de la Station, this building remains the corporate head office and includes offices, workshops and the warehouse which spans over 10,000 sq. ft. Outside you will find a fenced in 40, 000 sq. ft. area where lumber, steel, concrete blocks, brick and reinforced steel are stored.

Both working for the organization since the age of 16, Éric Guimond, university graduate in administration, and Jean-Pierre Guimond, architectural technician, joined the company in 1992 after passing government tests allowing them to qualify. Today, this developing company generates employment to over 15 people, and is very reputable on the market.